Working plan and project goals

In collaboration with a terminologist from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, contributors to the project record the relevant architectural terminology, establish the semantic and normative relationships between terms, and then link them with systematised definitions and the corresponding English terms. The result of this project will be a database of around 2000 recommended terms, their definitions, and their equivalents in other languages. Upon completion, the terms will be made available online on the Struna database. Struna is a terminological database of Croatian special field terminology that systematically collects, creates, processes, and defines terminology from a range of fields, in order to develop and coordinate Croatian terminology. Given that the database can be expanded even after the end of the project with new terms, 2000 is the optimal number of terms for publishing in an illustrated glossary of classical architecture, which would be the team’s next goal after the conclusion of this project.

The project is planned for the period February 2018 – August 2019. Four terminological workshops have been planned for this period, to be led by terminologists from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. At these workshops, project participants would develop methodological and practical knowledge for the processing and entering of terms into the database. The working plan also provides for internal workshops at which the terms that have been entered into the database so far would be periodically reviewed. In addition, the team includes a technical collaborator and Croatian language expert, and a lexicographer with experience entering information into a database, which ensures a continuous additional level of quality. The project also includes plans for the training of team members at a conference on Croatian terminology issues, and the research team also plans to organise an international scholarly conference in Split dedicated to the same topics. The project itself, and its goals, will be presented to the scholarly and wider public through two round tables about Croatian classical architectural terminology, organised at the beginning and towards the end of the project; it would be organised in consultation with experts from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, and at a public presentation of the project’s results, planned for the end of the project. The progress of the project can be followed regularly on our blog.

In order to increase the quality of the project, a team of consultants for the terminology of classical archaeology, who are all from English-speaking countries, has been assembled. A collaboration with the Getty Research Institute has also been established, which has offered the project team invaluable sources and instructions for structuring the database.